Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intolerant of the Intolerant

Opinion: Air Force Academy Recognizes Paganism: Independence Day or Halloween?

The hate and bile spewing from this article is disgusting.

Since the comments on Terheyden's article are being so heavily censored and I doubt that my sensible post will make it through, I'm posting my thoughts here as well:

Ninek wrote: "It is amusing to see the "pagans" get their knickers in a bunch over this article. Virtually all so-called 'pagans' are the decendants of Christian parents and grandparents. The pagan religions of Europe and the Middle East died out centuries ago. The Inquisition period resulted in the deaths of only a half of a half of a percent of people routinely killed by Marxists and Communists. The old pagan religions had many charming practices like burning infants alive and killing all kinds of animals for 'sacrifice' and not for food. It is the so-called 'pagans' who do not know history. It's more than pickling herbs and getting tattoos, people.
ninek | 2/8/2010"

Ninek: I have a Master's Degree in History and am working on a Ph.D. It's you who is unaware of history.

The ancient Hebrews practiced animal sacrifice, and then they moved on from that. It's in the Bible. Check it. So too, have modern Neo-Pagans moved on from animal sacrifice.

And that nonsense about burning infants alive? Nothing but lies written by Christian historians. You think everything a Christian historian from the Roman period said about Pagans is unerringly true? Well then, if so, you must admit that everything that the Roman Pagan historians wrote about Christianity is also true? Correct? Here's a good example: "An infant covered over with meal, that it may deceive the unwary, is placed before him who is to be stained with their rites: this infant is slain by the young pupil, who has been urged on as if to harmless blows on the surface of the meal, with dark and secret wounds. Thirstily - O horror! they [Christians] lick up its blood; eagerly they divide its limbs." - Minucius Felix, Octavius

Now I am not so feeble-minded as to accept the words of this Roman Pagan author that the early Christians actually ritually killed infants and drank their blood. Obviously, to anyone with an IQ above 75, it's propaganda.

Believe it or not, people don't have to be Christian in order to be moral. Plato, Socrates, Gandhi, Marcus Aurelius, Cicero, etc., were all pretty intelligent guys, even though they just happened to believe in many Gods, instead of a single one.

And just because someone's parents or grandparents happened to follow a different religion, does not make their religious beliefs insincere. Considering the fact that Christianity was spread ENTIRELY to people who had been brought up in other religions...that would mean that, essentially, all Christian converts are insincere.

Perhaps you should think a bit more about what actually angers you about Pagans wanting to practice their own religion, and focus on your own beliefs, rather than those of others.